1735 Military Roster Of the Presidio

San Antonio de B�xar



The following roster has been compiled from the names extracted from a *Power-of-Attorney given by the officers and soldiers at the presidio, authorizing their commanding officer, Captain Don Jose de Urrutia, or Don Juan de Angulo, a merchant in Mexico City, to collect their annual pay.The Power-of-Attorney is dated 25 September 1735.I have the names of their wives in my personal records and I have included this information in parenthesis, but, keep in mind that not all were already married on this particular date, and that there could be second (or even third) wives whose names I do not have.


*Power-of-Attorney in Bexar Archives Translations, Volume VII, pp 122-133.


(1)������ Captain Don Joseph de URRUTIA (Married to Rosa FLORES y VALDEZ)

(2)������ Lieutenant Don Matheo PEREZ (Wife was Sanjuana QUINTANA)

(3)������ Ensign Don Juan GALVAN (Wife was Francisca Xaviera MALDONADO)

(4)������ Sergeant Acensio del RAZO (Married to Josefa FLORES y VALDEZ and secondly to Juana de ARREDONDO)

(5)������ Juan CORTINAS (Married to Mariana LONGORIA)

(6)������ Joseph Miguel de SOSA (Wife was Feliciana de CARABAJAL)

(7)������ Marcelino MARTINEZ (Wife was Alfonsa de CASTRO)

(8)������ Andres HERNANDEZ (Wife was Juana de HOYOS)

(9)������ Manuel de CARABAJAL (Wife was Maria Antonia PEREZ)

(10)���� Nicolas de CARABAJAL (Wife was Catharina MARTINEZ)

(11)����� Xavier PEREZ (Married to Josefa HERNANDEZ)

(12)���� Joseph Antonio FLORES (Married to Maria Antonia XIMENEZ y SAN MIGUEL)

(13)���� Marcos RODRIGUEZ (Married to Teresa XIMENEZ)

(14)���� Joseph MALDONADO (Possibly the Joseph Antonio MALDONADO whose wife was Ana Maria XIMENEZ SISNEROS)

(15)���� Juan Antonio de LUNA (Married to Maria Josefa TREVINO)

(16)���� Antonio GUERRA (Married to Catharina XIMENEZ y MENCHACA

(17)���� Bacilio del TORO (Wife was Rosa XIMENEZ MENCHACA)

(18)���� Joseph QUINONES (wife was Maria FLORES de la PENA)

(19)���� Nicolas QUINONES (Married to Angela MARTINEZ)

(20)��� Sebastian RINCON (Married to Ana Maria FLORES de ABREGO)

(21)���� Pedro del TORO (Wife was Antonia LONGORIA)

(22)���� Joseph MONTES (Possibly the Juan Jose MONTES de OCA who was married to Marcela de la PENA)

(23)���� Jacobo HERNANDEZ (Wife was Luisa Justa GUERRERO)

(24)���� Diego HERNANDEZ (Wife was Juana Josepha de SOSA)

(25)���� Don Pedro de OCON y TRILLO (Married twice: First to Maria Josefa FLORES y VALDEZ and 2d to Juana de URRUTIA)

(26)         Francisco FLORES (Married to Maria Sapopa MENCHACA.Possibly married a second time to Maria Esmerigilda HERNANDEZ)

(27)          Lorenzo de CASTRO (Wife was Maria Rosa PONCE)

(28)��� Miguel de CASTRO (Wife was Maria HERNANDEZ)

(29)���� Martin FLORES (Wife was Maria Josefa LEAL)

(30)��� Bacilio XIMENEZ (Married to Clara SUAREZ y LONGORIA)

(31)���� Mathias de la ZERDA (Married first to Florencia del RIO, and second to Maria HERNANDEZ, widow of Miguel de CASTRO, above)

(32)���� Joseph MARTINEZ (Wife was Juana de CARABAJAL)

(33)���� Joaquin de URRUTIA (Married to Josefa HERNANDEZ)

(34)���� Pedro de URRUTIA (Married to Gertrudes VALDEZ)

(35)���� Andres GARCIA (Married to Quitera or Quiteriaca ECAYMUSQUIZ)

(36)���� Joseph de SOSA (Married to Gertrudes de ROSAS)

(37)���� Geronimo de la GARZA (Wife was Juana del TORO)

(38)��� Joaquin FLORES (Married to Juana de ARREDONDO)

(39)���� Miguel GUERRA (Married first to Josefa LONGORIA, who died in 1731, and married secondly to Josefa FLORES de ABREGO)

(40)��� Francisco de la PENA (Married probably to Marcela del RIO)

(41)���� Joseph SISNEROS (Probably the Joseph XIMENEZ y SISNEROS, married to Ana Maria MALDONADO)



Los Bexare�os Genealogical Register, Vol. II, No. 2, Apr 1985, pp. 46-47


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