Company of the Presidio of Texas, 17181


taken from


San Antonio and Its Beginnings, 1691 � 1731



Company, etc

Dated June 14, 1718



The Staff

(Plano Mayor)


The Governor, Don Martin de Alarcon

Military Engineer, Don Francisco Barreiro y Alvarez


Captain, Alferez, Sergeant and Soldiers:



1)           Santiago Ximenes

2)           Francisco Hernandez

3)           Juliano Barrera

4)           Christoval de Carvajal

5)           Vizente Guerra

6)           Sebastian Gonzalez

7)           Joseph Neyra

8)           Joseph Velasquez

9)           Joseph Ximenes

10)      Antonio Guerra

11)       Geronimo Carvajal

12)       Ju. Domingo

13)       Joseph Chirino

14)       Ju. Baldes

15)           Francisco R.S

16)       Francisco Menchaca

17)           Joseph Antonio R.S

18)       Marzelino Licona

19)       Nicolas Hernandez

20)      Francisco Hernandez

21)       Andres de Sosa

22)      Ju. De Castro

23)      Domingo Flores

24)      Joseph Maldonado

25)      Manuel Maldonado

26)      Ju. Galban

27)       Patricio Placido Flores

28)      Antonio Perez

29)      Agustin Perez

30)      Joseph Cadena

31)       Christobal de la Garza

32)      Miguel Hernandez

33)      Ju. de Sosa



All of these were of different Jacte and the most of them boys, who had not yet reached the age of fifteen years, and six of them were married and had their Coyota and Mestisa wives here.


Note:The Carvajal and Hernandez families were among the permanent settlers of 1715.



[1] Frederick C. Chabot, San Antonio and Its Beginnings 1691-1731,(Naylor Printing Company, Copyright 1931), Appendix II, p 128.


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