List of the Members of the Ramon Expedition

of 1716 who remained at San Antonio de B�xar1



1)            Diego Ramon, son of Domingo, married 1st, Gertrudes Flores married 2nd, Teresa Ximenes.

2)           Manuel Ramon, nephew of Domingo, from the Presidio of La Bahia, married Rosalia Martines; and from them were descended Teresa, wife of Antonio Menchaca, and Jose, who married Mariana Leal (her first husband).

3)           Diego (Santiago) Ximenes, Governor of San Antonio de Valero mission in 1720.

4)           Maria (Suarez) de Longoria, married Antonio Ximenes.

5)           Juan Sartuche, called �the Alferez of Texas� who married Josefa Sanchez Navarro; they were godparents in 1720.

6)           Lt. Juan Valdez and his wife Maria Zapopa, godparents in 1719.

7)           Diego Ximenes Valdez and wife, Antonia Vidales, m before 1719.

8)          Jose Galindo and wife, Ana Maria Ximenes Valdez, had a daughter b. 1720.

9)           Antonio Flores married Maria Antonio (de San Miguel) Ximenes; they had a son b. 1720.

10)       Domingo Flores (de Abrego), Mayordomo of San Antonio de Valero mission, and wife Manuela Trevi�o, had a son b. 1719.

11)        Marcial Saucedo and wife, godparents, 1720

12)       Lazaro Chirino (Quirino) and wife, Teresa Sanchez Navarro, had a son b. 1720.

13)       Joseph Cadena

14)       Juan Castro and wife, had a son b. 1720.

15)        Lucas Castro and wife, had a daughter b. 1721.

16)       Joseph Maldonado and family.

17)        Domingo Gonzales.

18)       Joseph de la Fuente.

19)       Joseph de Montemayor.

20)      Cayetano Peres, from the Adaes, married Feliciano de Carvajal before 1724.




[1] Frederick C. Chabot, San Antonio and Its Beginnings 1691-1731,(Naylor Printing Company, Copyright 1931), Appendix I, p 127.


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