San Antonio De B�xar In 1729


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San Antonio and Its Beginnings, 1691 � 1731

San Antonio, 17291






Rosa Guerra was newly wed to Matias Trevi�o.


One of the 17th century cavaliers of Texas was Diego Ximenes Valdes, of Saltillo, who had married Antonio Vidales in San Antonio ten years before.


Nicolas Flores de Valdes, who had been Alferez in Monclova in 1693, probably a member of the Olivares-Espinosa-Aguirre Expedition, 1709, and who was Captain at San Antonio, being relieved of the command in 1725, was father of Gertrudis, who married Diego Ramon.


Martin Flores y Valdes was also one of the principal conquerors and pacifiers of the province of Texas.


Marcial Saucedo and his wife, Maria Ramirez, were early settlers: as were the Gonzales and Montemayer; and the family of Juan Joseph Rodriguez.


Mateo Perez, who had been in service at the San Francisco Solano Mission as early as 1706, had been Lieutenant at San Antonio previous to 1729.


Miguel de la Garza had married Maria Cantu (1725) and their son Joseph Joaquin.


As early as 1721 Joseph Martinez had married Juana Carvajal.


Another newly wed couple were Marcelino Martinez and Alfonza de Castro y Valdez (1728).


There were the families of Andres and Juan de Sosa.


In 1719 the master smith, Juan Banul, had come to San Antonio.He was from Brussels, and his wife �Madam Banul� and their young family were popular at the time.


Joseph Antonio Menchaca was the head of a prominent line.


The Seguin, of distinguished French descent, had come to San Antonio from Aguascalientes in 1722.


Two veterans of the Aguayo Expedition were duly respected; they were Juan Jose de Rojas and Juan Cortinas of Monterey.


The Avila, Nu�ez-Morillo and Ocon y Trillo were all prominent at this time.


Three important marriages were celebrated during 1729:

that of the master tailor Andres de Castro with Antonia Flores;

that of the master smith, Cayetano Guerrero with Ana Hernandez;

and that of Joseph Maldonado with Ana Maria Ximenes.


Diego Cantu was born during this year; as was Joseph de Luna;


Julian Trevi�o and Maria Rita Maldonado (married in San Antonio in 1723).


Other young people of the place, whose families were to be its leading citizens, were Marcos Guerra, Christobal Chirino, Pedro Nolasco Flores and Miguel Qui�ones y Flores de Abrego, all born in San Antonio in 1720.


Pedro, the oldest son of Domingo Flores de Abrego, the Mayordomo of the Valero Mission was now ten years of age.His christening had been an event for the frontier life; it was attended by all of the soldiers of the presidio.


Other young people of the community were: the four children of Joseph Ximenes and Maria Flores Valdes; Ignacio, son of Francisco Flores who married the widow of Geronimo Carvajal in 1722, Ignacio�s mother; and family of Juan de Castro.


Other prominent citizens of the time were Antonio Ximenes and his wife, Maria Suarez de Longoria; Juan Sartuche, �the alferes of Texas,� and his wife, Josefa Sanchez Navarro; Lieutenant Valdez, �the fiscal,� and Gaspar Trevi�o.


- See San Antonio in 1729, written by the author, May 1929, for the San Antonio Express.



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