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The Perez (Casanova) Family
The 16th Family of the List of Canary Islanders taken at:
Cuautitlán, November 8, 1730, consisting of four single men
from the Island of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The brothers, Phelipe and Jose Antonio Perez, both single men, along with the Lorenzo de Armas brothers, were considered on the November 8th Cuautitlán list as the Sixteenth Family.   They were sons of Domingo Peres and Maria Granado. 


Don Phelipe Perez, the older of the two brother, was born in 1710 on the island of Tenerife.  He is described as 20 years old, medium height, broad shoulders, long face, dark complexion, thin nose, blue eyes, black hair & eyebrows, large forehead.  It is believed that he never married.


Don Joseph Antonio Perez,  brother of foregoing and son of the same parents, native of Tenerife, 19 years old, good height, long face, thin nose, black hair, eyes & eyebrows.  Jose Antonio married twice, first to Paula Granado of the Fourteenth Family and then after her death to Gertrudes de la Zerda the daughter of Matias de la Zerda and Florencia del Rio, who where in San Antonio de Bexar prior to 1735.  [De La Zerda Descendants Report]

Some of the Perez descendents began using the surname Perez Casanova shortly after their arrival at the villa de San Fernando.  Many of them dropped the name Perez and just used Casanova.


The oldest son of Jose Perez (Casanova) and his wife Paula Granado, was Domingo, first Cabo in the Presidio of San Antonio in 1779.  He married Maria Concepcion de Carvajal, and their son Juan Ignacio was the third of thirteen children.  He was born in 1761 and died in 1823, he was well known "Colonel Perez" who married Clemencia Hernandez.


Their daughter Gertrudis, born in 1790, married 1st, 1806, Governor Antonio Cordero, and. 2nd, 1828, Jose Cassiano. [Cassiano Descendants Report]


According the De La Garza Notes, Antonio Perez, who married Josefa Falcon, was a descendant of Domingo Perez.  Antonio and Josefa were the parents of Antonio R. Perez, who married in 1879, Tomasa Teresa Cassiano. They were the parents of ten children, of whom Ester married G. C. de Carvajal, and Bertha married A. R. Marmion.


Jose Ignacio Perez, the son of Colonel Perez, was born in 1786 and married Maria Josefa Cortinas in 1812. Their daughter, Maria Josefa Perez married Jacob Linn who arrived in Texas from Germany about 1833 and was orphaned shortly after his arrival. Their daughter Concepcion Linn married Frank T. Walsh, while another daughter married Santiago Herrera, whose son Jacob, adopted by his maternal grandmother, according to family tradition, married Evelyn Heermann, who as a widow, married Bryan Mauermmann.


Ignacio Perez, and Ignacio the Younger, were brothers of Josefa Linn. One married Madelina Menchaca by whom he had several children.

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