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The Santos Family
The 4th Family of the List of Canary Islanders taken at:
Cuautitlán, November 8, 1730
from Lanzarote Island

Miguel Santos, the oldest child of Antonio and Maria was but a young man of 17 years when he accompanied his parents from the Canary Islands to New Spain.  He, along with his parents and 3 of his sisters are listed as the Fourth Family in the Cuautitlán list.


Miguel married Juana Francisca Galván, the daughter of Juan Galván, at La Villa de San Fernando in 1744.  Juan Galván was a military Commander stationed at San Antonio de Béxar since the early 1720’s.

[Galvan Descendants Report]


Their son, George Antonio married first Bernanrda Peres and second, Josefa de Estrada, a great-granddaughter of Francisco Hernández and Ana García, who came to San Antonio de Béxar as members of the Martin de Alarcón Expedition of 1718 and where part of the military community that settled at San Antonio de Béxar.  [Hernández Descendants Report]


George Antonio’s daughter, Maria Gertrudis married Ponciano Muñoz.  They had nine children who were identified in San Antonio into the early 19th century.  [Muñoz Descendants Report]


Ana Santos, married Jose Leal on September 21, 1730 while at Cuautitlán, and they are  listed as the Eleventh Family.  Jose and Ana had 11 children.


Catarina Santos married Francisco Delgado who was 16 years old when he came to La Villa de San Fernando as a member of the Fifteenth Family.





THE SANTOS family from the Canary Islands and the De Los Santos Coy, of the early military families, are not at all the same, and you should be very careful to distinguish between them.


Don Antonio Santos was born about 1680 in the town of Arrecife on the Island of Lanzarote, Canary Islands to Simon Santos and Anna Rodriguez.  Antonio was married to Isabel Rodriguez the sister of Maria Rodriquez the wife of Juan Pedro Cabrera.  Isabel Rodriguez was born in 1696 on the Island of Lanzarote the daughter of Domingo Bega and Leonor Rodriguez.   Both Antonio and Isabel died in La Villa de San Fernando de Béxar in 1756 and 1762 respectively.  They had 5 children all born on the Island of Lanzarote except for their daughter Maria who was born on the Island of La Palma.


Antonio is listed in the Cuautitlán list as the son of Simon & Anna Rodriguez, native of Lancerota, 50 years old, more or less, medium height, broad-shouldered, round face, dark complexion, large nose, black eyes, thin beard, black beard & hair, rather grey and curled, black eyebrows.


Maria is listed as, Wife of above, daughter of Domingo de Vargas and Leonor Rodriguez, 34 years old, native of Lancerota, tall, fair complexion, thin nose, round face, light grey eyes, black eyebrows & hair.

Her sister, Maria Santos, married Jose Francisco Pérez, who was a son of Mateo Pérez and Maria San Juana Quintana.  Mateo Pérez became the Capitan of the presidio of San Antonio de Béxar in 1724.  [Pérez Descendants Report]


Antonio and Isabels youngest daughter, Josefa, married Juan Toribio Galván, the brother of Juana Francisca Galván.  They had two children, a daughter, Hipolita Nepomuncena, and a son, Miguel Antonio.

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