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The Salvador Rodriguez Family
The 8th Family of the List of Canary Islanders taken at:
Cuautitlán, November 8, 1730
from Lanzarote Island

Don Salvador Rodriguez, son of Francisco Rodriguez and Isabel de los Reyes, was born about 1688 in Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain.  He married Maria Perez Cabrera, daughter of Domingo Cabrera and Maria Perez.  She was born about 1688 in Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain.  Salvador and his wife along with their son are listed as the Eighth Family on the Cuautitlán list.  Salvador who was a cheese maker on the island of Lanzarote was an active member of the civil government of San Fernando de Béxar.  He served as the 2nd alcalde and the 4th regidor of San Fernando.


Patricio Rodiguez who was but 15 years old during the arduous journey to New Spain, was born about 1715 in Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain, and died August 09, 1748.  He was killed by Apache Indians the year of the campaign of Pedro de Rábago y Terán, Governor of Coahuila, against the frontier Indians, with ten San Antonio volunteers, well acquainted with the Apachería and 20 soldiers of the presidio of San Antonio de Béxar, including Lieutenant Juan Galván.  He married Josefa Rodriguez Granado in 1741 at La Villa de San Fernando, she was the daughter of Juan Granado and Maria Bethéncourt.  She was born in 1720 on the island of Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands, and died August 05, 1796 at La Villa de San Fernando de Béxar.  She was 10 years of age when she came to San Fernando with her parents and was listed as a member of the Fourteenth Family.  Patricio and Josefa had six children before his death.  Josefa never remarried.

Patricio and Josefa’s fist daughter, Josefa Rosalia Rodriguez, married Jose de Castro, the great grandson of Juan de Castro who was a member of the Ramon Expedition in 1716 and was one of the members who remained at San Antonio de Béxar.  [Castro Descendent Report]


Patricio and Josefa’s oldest son, Patricio Antonio Rodriguez was born November 22, 1748 in La Villa de San Fernando de Béxar.  He married Anna Maria de la Fuente, April 03, 1780 in La Villa de San Fernando de Béxar, she was the daughter of Manuel Fuente and Theresa Flores de Abrego.  [De La Fuente Descendents Report]


Their youngest son was, Salvador Rodriguez, born in La Villa de San Fernando de Béxar.  He married (1) Maria Gertrudis de la Pena.  She died October 06, 1782 in La Villa de San Fernando de Béxar.  He married (2) Maria Luisa Guerrero in 1786 in La Villa de San Fernando de Béxar, daughter of Mathias Guerrero and Luisa Angulo.  She was born January 12, 1748 in La Villa de San Fernando de Béxar, and died in La Villa de San Fernando de Béxar.  [Guerrero Descendents Report]


Salvador’s daughter, Maria Antonia, married José Antonio Flores de Abrego who was the son of  Jose Joaquin Flores de Abrego, who in 1996 was accepted by the "Sons of the American Revolution", as a patriot of the American Revolution who as  a Texas rancher helped to gather Texas longhorned cattle, brand them and sent them to General Bernardo de Galvez in Louisiana to help feed 5000 troops fighting the British along the coast line of Manchac, Baton Rouge, and Natchez.

Maria Antonia and Jose Flores had 10 children.  Their daughter, Maria Gertrudis Eusevia Flores married Col.  Juan N. Seguín while their son, Jose Maria Victoriano, married Juan Seguin’s sister Maria Lionides Seguin.  Three of their sons fought for Texas Independence along with Col. Seguin.

[Seguin Descendents Report]


Manuel Flores (Jose Manuel Nepomunceno Paublino), participant in the Texas Revolution, he was a widower for the second time before he married María Josefa Courbière in 1835.  He participated in the expulsion of Gen. Martín Perfecto de Cos at the "Siege of Bexar".  The company disbanded but was reorganized in Gonzales during the first week of March 1836, and Manuel Flores became Capitán Seguin's first sergeant.  He fought in this capacity at the battle of San Jacinto.


Capt. Salvador Flores was a hero of the Texas Revolution, fighting alongside his brother-in-law Col. Juan N. Seguin in the "Siege of Bexar", also at the battle of Concepcion in San Antonio in 1835.  He was highly regarded as a " Patriot " by Stephen F. Austin in a letter written to Juan Seguin dated November 24, 1835.


Nepomunceno Flores  (Jose Maria Victoriano Nepomunceno) was born September 05, 1811 in La Villa de San Fernando de Béxar, and died December 02, 1878.  He married Margarita Josefa Valdes about 1840, daughter of Serapio Valdes and Josefa Farias.  [Flores Descendents Report]


Patricio and Josefa’s youngest daughter was, Maria Expectacia Rodriguez was born sometime around 1741 - 1745.  She married (1) Domingo Castelo June 02, 1760 in La Villa de San Fernando de Béxar, son of Domingo Castelo and Antonia Nunes.  He was born Bet. 1725 - 1745 in the city of Lugo located in Galicia in the northwestern region of Spain.  He died September 22, 1766 in La Villa de San Fernando de Béxar.  She married (2) Manuel Jose Salinas.  He was born 1722 in Rio Grande, Coahuila, New Spain (Mexico).

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